CanyonCares Program


Pioneering modern wellness, the CanyonCares program was created to give access to Canyon MJ edibles for participants at the Chanda Center for Health at no cost. Chanda participants can get up to $50 worth of Canyon ChewIT, SuckIT or LickIT products available in MED or REC dosages per month at one of the following Native Roots locations: Littleton, Edgewater, Tower and Highlands or Longmont. In addition, Native Roots is offering an 1/8 of flower (Select Strains) per month-Yea! Your CanyonCares voucher and photo ID must be present to redeem product. This offer has no cash value and does not aggregate monthly if unused.

Steps to receive $50 in Canyon products
and an 1/8 of Flower from Native Roots:

  1. Fill in the application below.

  2. Upon review of your application, the Chanda Center will be in touch regarding product redemption.

CanyonCares Application

Exclusively available for participants of the Chanda Center for Health. All fields are required.

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Are you currently an active participant at the Chanda Center for Health? *
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All participants who apply must understand that if approved, they are participating in this program at their own discretion. They are familiar with THC products and any effects it may have with medications, etc. By clicking this box, you are agreeing that you've read this in full and will hold only yourself responsible to any health concerns you think are related to your participation in the Canyon Cares program. *

Disclaimer: CanyonCares is an independent and non-affiliated program from the Chanda Center for Health and Native Roots dispensaries. This offer can be revoked and/or modified at anytime.