Find The Sweet Spot

Canyon creates award-winning cannabis infused products for everyday enjoyment that take the guesswork out of the experience.

Cannabis Can Be Effortless

You’re always in control with Canyon’s Smart Dose cannabis edibles: Choose your desired THC potency, from 2.5 milligrams and 10mg servings, up to medical-strength options.

Level up the effects whenever the occasion calls for it. Leave the worries about overdoing it behind. We make it easy to ease into the experience.

You can rely on Canyon to deliver, whether your Sweet Spot is a relaxed state of mind or relief for a good night’s sleep.

The Main Ingredient: Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

We love natural ingredients, and that starts with our cannabis. At Canyon, we make our own cannabis oil because we care about quality.

Our small-batch artisan cannabis oil is made the solvent-free way. We use carbon dioxide, or CO2 extraction, which means there’s never a trace of harsh solvents. Our process is about capturing the full array of natural compounds found in the cannabis plant and delivering a full spectrum of benefits.

Make It Yours

Life is an adventure, and Canyon keeps things interesting.
Rejuvenate your body, get some creative spark, unwind, and brighten the moment.

Treat Your Body And Mind

Our smart dose edibles delight the senses with tastes that complement the cannabis experience. Canyon’s Colorado-based team develops all of our recipes—and yes, product testing is one of the best parts of the job. Just ask Canyon Founder Morgan Iwersen, who got her start helping medical cannabis patients find comfort, which is something Canyon continues to do to this day.

Canyon’s handcrafted confections are flavored with real fruit and botanicals that we extract ourselves, and sweetened without corn syrup.  

Where Everything Feels Just Right