Our Story

People Are Our Priority

The Canyon team is a tight-knit group that looks out for each other, just like we look out for you with our cannabis-infused products that feature Smart Dosing, where you control the experience.

We’re also here to help you learn more about the plant and how cannabis interacts with the human body. But not just any body—your body.

• Each batch of essential cannabis oil is tested both on and offsite to ensure that every dose is pure and safe,
delivering the same potency every time.

• Our lines of boutique products are completely free of synthetic ingredients or petroleum distillates, such as butane or propane...and you can taste the difference.

• All of our products are NON-GMO, Gluten Free and use all-natural ingredients. Many of them are Vegan as well!

Our Mission

Create wholesome cannabis-infused products that are flavorful, discreet and accurately medicated using the cleanest extraction process possible.

Where Taste Meets Science

These days, there’s a lot more scientific discovery happening with cannabis. It’s about time, if you ask us—after all, our women-owned, family-run company has been making top-quality edibles since 2009.

We’ve learned a lot in recent years about how cannabinoids like THC and CBD interact with other cannabis compounds like flavorful terpenes, all of which are a part of the full-spectrum cannabis oil that we make ourselves.

A Leader In Colorado Cannabis Edibles Since 2009

Our commitment to quality starts with our cannabis oil.

Canyon Founder Morgan Iwersen started making infused oil in the earliest days of Colorado’s medical cannabis era.

At the time, she wanted to help a friend with Stage 4 cancer. Her friend’s positive experience gave Morgan all the inspiration she needed to start Canyon.

The Gold Standard For Cannabis Infused Products

Because we’ve been around for more than a decade, we’ve been able to establish relationships with supply partners and cultivators who are equally dedicated to putting consumers first—and it shines through in our consistent, high-quality cannabis oil that is in every one of our products.

At Canyon, we continue to lead the way with doses that make sense and get you to exactly the level you’re looking for.

Our team is constantly innovating to create unique taste experiences, from flavorful suckers and gummies to other cannabis confections and beverages, along with medical-strength products—all with consistent and precise THC doses.