Say Goodbye
to Guesswork

At Canyon, we believe cannabis is something to savor as much as possible. It’s all about hitting The Sweet Spot.

That’s why our edibles are made with responsible, smart dosing in mind, from 2.5 milligrams THC to medical-strength 50 milligrams. Through the Canyon you’ll find a clear path to cannabis enjoyment and the special spot where everything feels just right.

The Best Cannabis Experience, Naturally

In our many years of creating award-winning infused products, we’ve found one thing to be true: Every ingredient counts if you want to be the best. 
That’s why we don’t take shortcuts. 

We make our own cannabis oil with a carbon-dioxide extraction technique that keeps the essence of the plant intact for an entourage of effects. Our CO2 extraction avoids the one-note, THC-only high you’ll find in distillate cannabis oil made with petroleum solvents.
Our all-natural, handcrafted edibles get their flavor from real fruit. We leave the corn syrup to the other guys and never use artificial sweeteners. 
You can count on Canyon to always be non-GMO and gluten free—and we have a lot of vegan options too.
However you choose to consume, whether it’s our confections and coffees to poppable capsules, tinctures and vapes, our precisely dosed infused products make it easy to dial in what works for you. 

At Canyon, we believe in helping people learn about—and appreciate—the everyday benefits of cannabis for mind and body.

Get Comfortable With Canyon