Chew It : Edible Review

January 11, 2023

I’ll always recall the wild west of marijuana edibles. Back before legalization, the only chance of scoring marijuana edibles was from your dealer or if you had the magic touch through your own design. No offense to all the dealers that I used to know, but most wouldn’t want to sell brownies that were loaded with THC. All they had to do was put in a couple nuggets of weed from their stash into a store-bought mix for brownies and boom. This was a brilliant marketing scheme if you ask me, and I can’t necessarily blame anyone for that. That didn’t mean that I hadn’t enjoyed very legitimate marijuana edibles before amendment 64. One such event that will stand out in my mind was the first time that I tried a hash brownie. My friend Andrew had procured one for each of us and our other friend David at the time was on driving patrol, so it was just me and Andrew who were partaking. I should have known at the time how potent these brownies were going to be when I remove their plastic wrap and realize that the oil inside the was just loaded with THC. The brownie itself reeked of hash and tasted like dirt. Of course, Andrew and I both ate the entire brownie (something our dealer had warned us not to do). We were seasoned cannabis smokers, right? Wrong. I literally do not remember the rest of that evening other than the tails that David recounted of both Andrew and my stoney escapades. This was the first time that I had imbibed too many marijuana edibles and it certainly was not going to be the last. It only took until legalization hit for me to foolishly down hundred-milligram Cheeba Chew on the first night thinking again, “oh I’m a seasoned professional.” Wrong again. It’s taken years of consuming different Edibles to properly understand what my threshold and my tolerance for consuming THC is. After a whole lot of trial and error and samplings of dozens of different products, I’ve determined without a doubt that I’m pretty much a massive lightweight when it comes to consuming cannabis. If I consume as little as ten milligrams I will be feeling it. As much of a lightweight as I am I know some people who can consume even less and still feel its effects. People like my mother who enjoys about two and a half milligrams of a ten-milligram edible every night. It’s because of people that fall into the market like me and my mother that companies like Canyon Cultivation are starting to concoct edibles specifically with low doses. Microdose edibles, as they are fondly referred to, are starting to draw a lot of attention for their medicinal properties. Crafting of edibles is down to an art form and with Canyon Cultivation’s Chew It you can look forward to a product that is both amazingly delicious and undeniably effective.If you want to pop the top on some amazing Canyon Cultivation Chew Its for yourself, check out the supply at The Station a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. These gummies are an amazing marijuana edible to have around and The Station has them in stock for you!

Check out their full menu at: www.thestationdispensary.comCanyon Cultivation Chew It :: Appearance | Smell:

With a jar of Chew Its in hand, I was quite excited to see what Canyon Cultivations had whipped up this time. Having already sampled multiple incarnations of Suck It in the past, I knew that their dosages were very spot on. What made these edibles so exciting to me was the fact that they not only contained 2.5 milligrams of THC per dose but also 2.5 milligrams of CBD as well. Finding CBD in concert with THC is another one of my favorite things in the world. I wasted no time in popping the top on my container. The first smell that was released was remarkable. It smelled just like a box of hard lemon candies (you know the ones I’m talking about). It was almost uncanny, and I have no doubt that in a blind smell test people would not be able to tell the difference between Chew It Sour Lemonade Gummies and a box of lemon sugar candy. The smell, while remarkably, also had the inherent tartness of lemon to it. After taking a moment to recover from how overwhelming the smell was, I gazed down into the Container to see forty miniature THC-labeled square gummies. Due to microdosing, there were forty which I was about to find was a great boon. I took a few of the squares out to get an idea of their consistency. The first thing I noticed was that the gummies had a hearty coating of cornstarch or some other anti-stick powder. This gave them a very silky feeling in my fingers. I played around with one of the squares in my hand for a minute. Its gummy consistency was very reminiscent to many grocery store staples. The difference aesthetically being the very clear labeling on every single gummy in compliance with last year’s labeling law. While l I knew the THC content was no higher than what I would receive from any other edible off the shelf, it was exciting to see an entire mountain of marijuana gummies before me as opposed to the standard ten pieces. The intoxicating aroma of the Chew It from Canyon Cultivation was so intense that I couldn’t wait another minute and knew I was going to have to start nibbling down some of these delicious little squares.

Canyon Cultivation Chew It :: Taste | Effect:

After years of training myself, I now have a very good understanding of how many edibles I can eat. While I will feel ten milligrams, I find that get the full sensations I should usually shoot for the twenty-milligram range. In the case of Chew It that meant I would get to enjoy eight whole squares. I was about to find out that’s an exciting prospect. I took the first thumbnail sized chew in my fingertips and took a nibble out of half of it. The flavor was incredible, and the tartness of the lemons permeated every corner of my mouth. I could feel my saliva working overtime to compensate for the sour punch and the lemon flavor. Sweet and sour joined forces in to create a flavor that was precisely like lemonade. Without hesitation, I downed the other half of the little square of sweet and sour lemonade. I made sure as I mindlessly shoved the squares down my throat keeping true to my eight-count promise and twenty-milligram total THC content. I’m not going to lie, it was very hard not eating the entire container with how delicious they were. It’s also worth noting that this is only the second or third marijuana edible that I have not been able to detect cannabis in at all. You heard me right, I was not able to detect that there was Cannabis in these gummies even a little. I have sampled a lot of different Edibles in my day I am also very familiar with the tasted and it seems like in almost any situation, unless I’m cooking with cannabis myself, I can still detect the marijuana flavor. Honestly, in some situations, I enjoy this the flavor of cannabis in my edible. Not only is it an affirmation that I’m eating marijuana, but it also can add a unique flavor in some applications. Canyon Cultivation Chew Its taste exactly like what their label says, no cannabis flavor involved in these gummies. They’re so damn good I can’t necessarily find the verbiage that I want to express how delicious these gummies are. After I had efficiently and rapidly downed my eight little squares (AKA twenty milligrams) I sat back and fired up a video game and waited to see how the effects would hit me. After about thirty to forty-five minutes I felt the edibles really starting to kick in. In my case, they affected me with a very potent body high and a drowsiness that often comes about when I consume cannabis. I felt my eyes sort of drooping and every muscle in my body start to relax as the CBD took full hold. Around the same time as the CBD effects, I did notice the cerebral sensations of consuming twenty milligrams of THC kick in as well. The THC side of the spectrum was basic and exactly what I’ve come to expect from consuming that amount of cannabis. I was still aware, and I also had no desire to leave my couch. After about another fifteen or twenty minutes, I was trying to debate with myself whether I was playing the game or the game was playing me. While that may sound deep, I assure you that my stoney mind at the time was not pondering anything deeper than how am I going to get to the next level. As I sat around dumbstruck for the next hour staring mindlessly at my television playing a computer game I noticed another effect that edibles often have on me. I was hungry. After a brief fridge raid, I found myself back on the couch wallowing in my lost edible-induced afternoon. Chew Its from Canyon Cultivation have a well-rounded effect which is just another attribute of their immaculate design.


As people like my mother will tell you there is a lot of demand out there for edibles like these. As someone who had been until now chopping up ten-milligram doses into two and a half milligram doses, these gummies were an amazing invention for her. My mother, along with many others out there don’t want a high dosage of THC or CBD and are simply looking for a small amount to help them fall asleep in the evening. That is exactly what Canyon Cultivations is providing with their microdosing. Microdosing aside, I simply can’t express enough how delicious these gummies are. I have no doubt they would be my undoing if they came in a non-medicated form. While many people would scoff at microdosing since they may need fifty, a hundred, or even more milligrams to get a real effect for themselves, I simply view it as an excuse to eat more of these gummies. Regardless of what your needs are in a gummy try out Canyon Cultivation Chew Its you’re in the mood for a flavor sensation. Don’t forget to tell mom, dad, or even grandma because this microdose edible might be exactly what they’ve been looking for.