Brewed Bliss: Canyon Cultivation’s Cannabis-Infused Coffee

April 13, 2022

Test Results: 10mg THC per bottle Tested By: Agricor Laboratories

One of my favorite ways to start a hot summer day in Colorado is with an ice-cold glass of Cold Brew. This strong, smooth and effective cannabis-infused coffee from Canyon Cultivation is a stoner coffee lover’s dream come true. Between the 100mg of caffeine and the 10mg of THC per bottle, it’s the perfect infused option to enjoy by the pool, or maybe before a hiking adventure.

Canyon Cultivation uses only the finest local ingredients, as well as CO2-extracted cannabis oil from organic plant matter. Even though the coffee stands on its own and has a minimal cannabis flavor, I enjoyed adding a splash of cold milk and pouring it over ice for a creamy treat.

Available At: Ballpark Holistic Dispensary 2119 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205Organic Alternatives 346 E Mountain Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524Available at all Native Roots locations(Source