Canyon Vape Indica

Medical ·
Recreational ·
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Non-GMO
• All Natural Flavors

Flavor Description

NO Ethanol NO Additives or Fillers Canyon uses a proprietary CO2 extraction method that yields high potency, high terpene strain and batch specific vape cartridges.   The mission is simple;  Combine the best raw material with the best CO2 extraction methods to produce a clean, unique, high terp-potency strain and batch specific product.   Each Vape product is unique to that particular extraction.   We never mix multiple extractions or terpenes from anything but the batch specific marijuana extraction.    Our vape products are as true to the actual flower as an extraction can be and uses ONLY CO2 as a solvent. This is raw uncut extracted product.   We never wash with ethanol or do distillation of any kind.

Nutritional Facts:
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Terpene rich full spectrum CO2 cannabis oil